Exhibition Subjects / Visitor Categories

Exhibition Subjects


Planting/Afforestation technology Sapling production 
Forest measurement/Surveying technology (drones/airborne lasers, etc.) 
Forest GIS/Simulation technology Wildlife damage control Raw material production Forest management High-performance forestry machinery
Maintenance of forest road network Logging haulage Log and chip supply 
Consulting for forest management/Local governments/Companies Forest certification Overseas forestry 
Securing project areas
 (work history management/forest management planning/sales activities), etc.


Lumber/Sawmill machinery Understanding & control of resources 
Wood processing/Wood processing machinery Surface treatment Laser processing 
Plywood Distribution/Logistics Weight measurement Drying technology 
Shredders/Crushers/Chippers/Pelletizers Measurement/Analysis technology, etc.


Precious wood CLT (Cross-laminated timber) Small hydro-electric generation 
Sixth indusrialization Carpentry/Construction store related Furniture/Wood products 
Carpentry timber Aroma Game (Gibier) 
Timber construction (fire-resistant/semi-fire-resistant building) 
Fire-resistant/Durability technology Decay prevention technology, etc.

Matching users and exhibitors who provide multiple functions from forests as services such as utilisation of forest space.

Education with trees Forestry experiences Eco-tourism/Medical tourism 
Forest treatment Certified lumber sales companies/Suppliers 
Local governments/Producers/Forestry businesses/Land owners
  who conduct appropriate forest management, etc.


Woody biomass generation equipment Woody biomass generation supply devices 
Woody biomass boilers/stoves Resource/Combustion analysis  Woody biomass fuel 
General technology Plants/Furnaces Heat utilisation Design/Engineering 
Biomass industry cities Woodchips PKS Palettes/Firewood/Chip fuel sales, etc.


Supply chain management ICT/IoT/AI/BIG DATA utilisation Automation technology 
Traceability Personnel training/Women's active participation 
R&D (power assist suits, etc.) Forest investment/trusts, etc.

Visitor Categories

Forest owners Raw materials producers Forest unions 
Unprocessed timber market Wood processing plants Sawmilling plants 
Laminating plants Plywood plants Pre-cutting plants 
Wood sales business (wholesale/retail) Building contractors House manufacturers 
Wood/construction materials manufacturers Furniture manufacturers 
Wooden product manufacturers Trading companies Government offices 
Regional governments Academic/research/development institutions 
Educational institutions such as forestry colleges Institutes Design offices 
Industry groups Non-profit organizations Welfare groups Certification bodies 
Power generators New electricity providers Consultants, etc.
Companies that are obliged or required to use certified wood 
Companies that are looking for producers who manage forests appropriately 
Companies that are considering the utilisation of forest space,
  resources and reforestation as part of employee training or CSR/CSV, etc.